the first phone to have HD video recording?

First of all, what is HD video recording?

    HD stands for “High Definition”. It basically means videos of higher definition. They have display resolution from 720px to 1080px. “PX” stands for pixels, so a 720px would have 720 vertical pixels/lines.  So in simple words, HD video means a fine detailing of the video played.

Samsung i8910

samsung first hd videoThis phone is first noted as the first phone to be capable of playing and recording 720px HD video. During that time the camera was good to take photos and record videos. It was launched in year 2009. Many considered it was the best phone during that time which also outbid another Mobile company “Nokia”.

This smartphone had 2 versions with 8GB and 16GB storage. It has features to output the video recorded to a compactible television. The drawback of this phone was it was very expensive and was not able to support 3G network. This smartphone has a solid design although many would argue that it would struggle taking videos in sunlight.

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