Best Practices in Corporate Archiving

corporate archivingCorporate Archiving is the process of moving old or inactive data out of the current production system and into our highly secured dedicated servers which is specialized with long-term storage systems. We have a team of highly skilled storage specialists who take care of your precious data. We monitor your data 24 hrs, 365 days a year. We understand that your company’s data is very precious and you deserve the best specialist to look after it. Companies need to retain old data and at the same time gather new data. Automatic archiving helps to retrieve data much faster. To know more about automatic archiving solution,please contact us.



backup codeartWe first study your requirements carefully. We then go through the corporate file structure and the technical details of the current system. Once we have carefully studied your corporate file structure, we start the process of moving or backing up of your old data to our secure dedicated servers. Once the process has been completed, we then allot you a username and password to your account so that you can access your files from the storage system. We also provide an automatic archiving solution for your business.


Our team installs an onsite local backup drive on your local file system. The drive then automatically backs up your data periodically such as weekly, fortnightly or on a monthly basis. The main advantage of local backup is speed and security. It enables the corporate to backup or restore large amounts of data for desktops within minutes. To setup a local backup drive for your business, please contact our head office.

local backup